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Beech Harmony 2 strip

Beech is a kind of light-colored wood that ages to a warm, reddish golden tone. A classic design will give any room a wonderful air of grandeur.


An Ultramatt finish provides a sturdy lacquered surface with the appearance of an oiled finish while being almost imperceptible to the eye. The floor is simple to maintain and clean. Depending on what will be buried underneath, the floorboard thickness can be chosen. An overlay floor made of thinner boards is needed if the new floor is to be put down over an already-existing, level subfloor. A structural, thicker floorboard is required if the new flooring is going to be installed on flooring battens. Your new floor should be the proper height once it is installed to accommodate door moldings, thresholds, and other house floors.

Because it is so difficult to accurately replicate colours online, the colour of a wooden floor may differ from the colour displayed on the screen.