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Lifestyle Light Filtering Cellulars

  • Soft 3/8″ pleats absorb light, unwanted air and noise
  • Available with exclusive motorized wand, USB charger
  • Energy Efficient
  • Motorization
  • Easy To Clean
  • UV Blocking
  • Great For Doors
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These cheap, custom window coverings, which come in a variety of modern, neutral colours, will elevate your room. Enjoy a seamless appearance on your windows for many years to come with head and bottom rails that are color-coordinated to match the sturdy, polyester fabric. Use one of the six reliable lift systems to raise and lower them with ease. You can choose the free cordless lift, upgrade to a continuous chord loop, or choose between two top-down, bottom-up configurations. With the addition of a unique, rechargeable motorised wand for straightforward push-button operation, your sense of style will soar even higher.